Zoe Trope Quotes
Quotes from the oh-so-wonderful teenage author Zoe Trope.
I read the things I wrote a month ago. A year ago. Five seconds ago. I eat oatmeal in the morning and wonder how many mornings I’ll eat oatmeal. I wonder how many mornings it will be until I am serving oatmeal to my kids. Three minutes ago I was in kindergarten, following plastic footprints of the imaginary classroom leprechaun. I have sixty seconds until I graduate. When I microwave water and press the faded white buttons for a minute-forty-five, I realize that two minutes are slipping away. Then nine minutes. And then I get my degree and marry some boy and I am scooping up sand off the beach with my fingers wide open and everything is slipping through. You can’t hold on to anything for longer than it is happening. Nineteen minutes from now, I’m going to die. And in the next millisecond, nothing will matter. Not a thing.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

I think the only necessary conclusion is that we are too beautiful because not being beautiful at all just doesn’t make sense.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

There are pieces of me all over this planet and in this planet that I am trying to find but sometimes I worry what will happen when I find all the pieces. When my fingers have to stretch so far to keep everything connected. Maybe my limbs will fall off and I won’t exist anymore. But everything that I’ve touched will stay. Maybe it will be different than it started.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

It’s so easy to be perfect. Just don’t do anything at all.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

I’ve got a heart and they can’t have it, but they give me a certificate in exchange and I think I accept. I am a whore for attention and I spread my legs as wide as my mouth.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

Diversity Week is diverse if you are white, male, and straight. They lie to me all over my heart and I yell in their faces. Spit lands on their giant glasses and they calmly wipe them clean with a white handkerchief. DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY? DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU’D GET AWAY WITH IT? They look at each other, shrug, and give me big smiles. Locker door slams shut fifteen times and I tape my hopeless heart to everything.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

My poor parents. The shit I put them through. It’s not fair, I suppose, but they’d be bored otherwise.
I am the reason I don’t want to have kids.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

There are only so many ways to rearrange twenty-six letters. You can put that into a formula. You can make writing a science or math.
My words don’t connect and make sentences or thoughts. Maybe it’s the weather. The rain. The rain always leads to trouble.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

Paul Revere

took off his tricorner hat

and a boy

kissed his forehead


he screamed

“the British are come—”

but his mouth was muffled with


sometimes I can’t count all

the buttons on his coat

or the distance between


and Concord

(guns are stored

in my stomach

and lungs)

they are trying to get inside me.

he is trying to warn them.

and I am trying to forget.

— Zoe Trope, (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)

And sometimes, if I listen closely enough, I can’t hear anything at all.

— Zoe Trope (Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)